Recall that Cheesy (Aaron Shapiro) has been eliminated, and sent to Hotel OJ.

All at once, he didn't feel like his normal self any more. He couldn't think of any more puns and his head ached. All he wanted to do was lie down ... in peace.

I don't know if I've said this already, but anyone feeling queasy makes me really sad. I'd love to help in this case, but I'm not sure what Cheesy would want. Anyways...

His mom (who, clearly, knows better than me what he would like) brought over his favorite kind of soup. He loved the soup, but didn't know what kind of soup it was.

So he asked her to tell how she found it.

She explained that when she was only 17, there was a recipe for melted-cheese soup in a cooking collaboration. She and his dad both enjoyed the soup, as did his sister, so they showed it to Cheesy and he loved it most of all.

Suddenly, the soup didn't taste like it usually did. Cheesy believed it was melted-cheese soup, so he thought it was just his queasiness. But it would not make him happy. It turned out that his mom mixed in celery with the soup, for the benefit of his holes.

Comment down below if you want me to continue the story!

Note: I actually journeyed through Inanimate Insanity yesterday. That's how this Wiener story was influenced.

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