So one day, Mushroom was enjoying herself and decided to look at the YouTube channel of Anko6, which had BOTO, and a lot of other stuff.

BOTO 11 was not out. "It won't be out for long," he said to himself. He wasn't really patient for BOTO 11. He missed Shelly so much.

He started yearning for Episode 11.

Purple Magma came by and said, "you're kidding, right? Brawl of the Objects bores me to death."

Mushroom did not agree with that.

Mushroom had an idea. He was going to sneak to Anko6's house, and watch some of BOTO 11, to the best of his ability!

He went to Anko6's Google+ profile, and inspected element to find his IP address so he could locate him. Then he used Google to find the postal address from the IP address. It was planets away.

Since the journey was long, he asked Cloudy to give him a ride (despite him hating Cloudy). Cloudy was scared but she accepted the idea. For three days, she flew Mushroom over to Anko6's house. Mushroom may have fallen asleep on the trip, breathing on Cloudy, but she loved him so much she wasn't bothered.

He arrived at Anko6's house 7 AM on a Sunday morning. Anko6 - not wearing the green thing that covered him on YouTube - was sleeping and the window of his room was open. There were BOTO and Pokemon pictures all over the room.

"This is my chance," thought Mushroom. She squeezed herself through the window, into Anko6's room, where it was quiet. He sneaked onto the computer, and went to the search engine. He typed in "BOTO 10", and that resulted in boto10_part1.anme. He typed "BOTO 11" into the search bar, and the first result was boto11_part1.fla. Indeed, Anko6 switched to Flash! Mushroom opened the file boto11_part1.swf.

First frame was, Shelly and Controlly holding a bowl of macaroni!

He turned the volume to 10% so that Anko6 wouldn't wake up and catch him. His snoring sounds suggested that he'd be immune to a 10% volume. He started playing it.

  • Note: This is most likely not BOTO 11. Even as a BOTO contestant, I don't know what'll happen, as BOTO 11's events are in the future, and I live on a different planet from Anko6. So please, no comments saying this is incorrect.

Shelly: Hey Controlly, what are you holding?

Controlly: Oh, this is a bowl of macaroni.

Shelly: *sniff sniff* It smells even better than just macaroni... is it macaroni and cheese or buttered macaroni?

Controlly: Neither! It's a special kind of macaroni.

Shelly: What kind?

Controlly: You'll find out when you get to the elimination. (walks away)

Shelly: I've always wondered what kinds of macaroni existed on the world?

I (Hot Dog) walk by.

Me: What's that smell in the distance?

Shelly: Macaroni.

Me: Smells like macaroni and cheese or buttered macaroni.

Shelly: Both of those are wrong!

Me: Then what kind is it?

Shelly: I don't know, but it's a special kind.

Me: I only hope it's a good kind.

That was the entire file.

Mushroom was paralyzed by what he had achieved. He wanted to share that scene online as a sneak peek! So he emailed himself the SWF file. But before he went further, he wanted to explore Anko6's house now that he was there. Without making a peep, he left Anko6's room, and the front of the door had a lenticular of Party Hat sleeping! On the other side of sign was a lenticular of Party Hat up and jumping. "How did Anko6 succesfully make a lenticular?" he thought.

Thanks to XanyLeaves, this story will not be completed.

MORAL: Stay tuned, and also, stay patient, for BOTO episodes.

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